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January 2016

What’s in an Operation?

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photo from workshopWhen you sign up to, you’re not just signing up to a website – you’re signing up to a community. Just like in every community, it’s important to get to know who you are, what you are interested in and what you think.

The first operation, Let’s Go, includes three missions. These missions have been designed like a profile where we ask you to tell us about your life.

Mission 1: Profile – asks you about how you see yourself.
Mission 2: Location – asks you about where you are.
Mission 3: Here and There – asks you to get creative in how you tell us about your location.

The second operation, Discovery, is about discovering what rights mean to you and what rights are important to you.

Mission 1: Define – will get you to really think about what the word ‘rights’ means and how you would define it.
Mission 2: DigiRights – asks you what you think are the three most important rights in the digital age.
Mission 3: Generation – asks you to flip the attention away from you and on to an adult. You are asked to interview an adult that you trust about children’s rights.

These are your first two operations should you choose to accept them.

Online Self vs Real Self

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We all like to think we know exactly who we are and what we would do in any given situation. The thought is that we would stay true to ourselves. Well that’s the idea, right?

When we create a social media account we are immediately asked the basic question; who are you? And we willingly oblige by giving our name, date of birth and where we live. These things make up the exterior layer of who we are. Then the more personal questions start: What do you like? And who do you like? And with a sample of these answers we are given suggestions on what we should like. What that is really saying is: this is who we think you are.

Today’s generation is bombarded with information telling them what they should be like, fitting them into a box. So we begin to form this idea of our identity based on what a computer tells us. It’s no wonder that our self has been split in two: we now have our real self and our online self.

Our online self begins to become a representation of our best attributes; we are able to create an ideal identity.

When we create this idealistic persona online do we lose ourselves in the process? There is a blurred line when it comes to online vs reality and the question raised is do we lose ourselves and at what cost? Or is our online self just a better representation of who we are?

What do you think?

Rewrite YOUR Future

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As young people your opinions are important, but sometimes it can feel as if your choices are not fully appreciated. Twenty-five years ago the United Nations agreed on a set of rights that they believed were in the best interest of the child. With the world constantly changing it’s time for you to take part in redefining your rights and having your say about the future. is inviting young people to become co-researchers and agents for change with us. We want to give you a say in decision-making by presenting your ideas to adult decision-makers.

The Operations and Missions on this website focus on digital technology and the idea of ‘rights’. To become an agent for change with us, the first step is to join The second step is to complete each mission: let us know what you think, what you want and how you want it. You’ll be part of a team of agents contributing ideas from around the globe.

Sign up to now, get your voice heard and – as Mahatma Ghandi famously said – “be the change you wish to see in the world”.