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By March 11, 2016Operations

Operation 3 is waiting for your answers!

It is important for us to understand how and why you use technology in your everyday life to get a better picture of the differences and similarities within our team of Agents around the world. Operation 3: Online – includes four missions about the ways you use digital technology.

Mission 1: Tech – asks what devices you have access to.
Mission 2: DigiUse – asks you to get creative in telling us how you use technology.
Mission 3: Speed – asks you to test your internet speed using an online test.
Mission 4: Obstacle Course – asks what obstacles you have to overcome to connect online.

Everyone uses technology differently and for different reasons.
How do you go online?


About RErights made it online in January 2016 after months of dedication and hard work. It is a place for young people to rethink their rights in the digital age. We would like YOU to join us, if you haven't already!


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