Call for Nominations: Hi-Tech Heroes

Do you know any young people using technology to make a positive change?

Young people all over the world are doing exciting things with digital technology. We want to showcase the potential of these Hi-Tech Heroes to influence positive change and enhance children’s rights.

In 2014, we featured a number of these young people from around the world. Shruti Rai from India uses digital storytelling to highlight important issues such as child marriage, and teaches other young people to do the same. Recently, she has initiated a global digital literacy project called “Four Birds and One Million Stories” which has reached thousands of young people around the world.

Also from India, Kartik Sawhney, a blind student, developed his own audio graph-reading software so that he could pursue his study of sciences in years 11 and 12. His skills in computer programming allowed him to access his right to education and highlighted challenges facing vision-impaired children in developing countries. He now studies computer sciences at Stanford University in the USA.

In Brazil, Rene Silva started a community newspaper at 11 years old in his neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro. His newspaper highlights social issues, such as drug trafficking and healthcare, which affect his community. More recently, he created the Network Voice of the Communities which brings together 17 young people from different states of Brazil to give voice to their communities. He believes digital connectivity is crucial for young people to claim their rights.

RErights is looking for more inspiring Hi-Tech Heroes! If you know any young people, or groups of young people, under the age of 18 who are using technology to make a difference to their lives and the lives of others, make a nomination here.

First round nominations close on Wednesday, 4th May.



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