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By April 22, 2016Debrief

Where you are plays a big role in who you are. Moreover, how you feel about the place you live in says a lot about you, and we have received fantastic insights into our team of Agents. From the list of things that you like about where you live, we especially noticed three key things: the community, the infrastructure, and the environment, in that order.05_ReRights_Location

The feeling we get from a location relies heavily on the people who live there and how well we can interact with them. Many of you speak about the ‘great community’, the ‘warm’ and ‘friendly people around’ and the network of support provided by a close-knit community as the main reason why you enjoy living where you are. Sometimes the diversity of the population and cultures is what makes a place more attractive. For others, it is the inner circle of friends and family that is also a strong factor. You like where you live because it is your home, and it is home because it is where family and friends are, where you grew up, where you have many memories.

And, if some of you don’t like the lack of community spirit where you live, this is also one of the first things you would improve if you were able to change anything.

“I like it here because all the people who matter to me are close by.” Belgium

“We somehow all share this bond of community life where we regard everyone, even strangers as friends and relatives.” Malaysia

Having access to infrastructure matters a lot to most of our Agents, whether it be schools, public transport, sporting facilities, shops, or easy access to other cities. Being close to areas of interest and the ease of access to those are very much valued. Access to a variety of activities and events, ‘having things to do’ is important for you, but also access to information, to education and employment opportunities.

Your answers also overwhelmingly show to what extent you care about the environment and how sensitive you are to the way your surroundings look. From the beautiful sceneries of the countryside to the beach, the city skyline or scenic views, many of you take pride in the beauty of your area. You are telling us that protecting this environment is a key issue for the future; you place a lot of value on wildlife, unpolluted air, and green spaces. If you could change anything, you would like more trees and parks, less traffic, and less litter. Finally, to live in a safe and peaceful environment is a chance that many Agents recognise and appreciate; you’re telling us this is essential for you to thrive and develop.

And last but not least, we have also found that our team of Agents is a gourmet bunch with a sophisticated palate! Many of you mentioned food as being one of the three things they really like about where they live. Whether it is enjoying the culinary specialities of your own culture, or being able to taste foods from different cultures, having a choice of restaurants to go to, or just lots of yummy and affordable food, your tastebuds certainly enjoy the experience.

On a more serious note, it is very clear from the things you would like to change that you have plenty of great ideas on how to improve the area you live in. You would like to see more community events and youth focused activities or organisations, you want a cleaner greener environment: “plant more trees” (Malaysia), “less pollution” (Brunei).

“I would add more fun inexpensive things for youth to do and I would make sure that all the libraries are open.” South Africa

Not afraid to think big, some Agents added goals such as tackling poverty, promoting open-mindedness, and ending racial discrimination. You want to improve education, change the rules, reform policies, change the mayor… It seems to us that you just can’t wait to be in charge, or at least to be involved in the decision making process. This eagerness to take responsibility is amazing to hear.

“I’d like to change the city plan as a whole. I think the recent town planning failed to preserve city’s history and green space.” Turkey

So, do you recognise yourself in this picture? Or perhaps you don’t and you would like to say something different about where you live, what you like and what you would like to change there. Either way, join in and complete Operation 1 if you haven’t yet done so, and please comment on this post!


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