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If you could be someone else for a day, who would you want to be? Let’s take a quick look at our tally to date: Emma Watson is in the lead, with a mention from Agents in Belgium, Ireland, Mexico, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Next is actually a tie between Taylor Swift and Ellen DeGeneres. The celebrities you’ve listed in Mission Profile are a colourful mix of people from all walks of life! So, who do you admire, who inspires you?



Actors are the most represented, but singers, writers, models, journalists, scientists, TV and sports stars are also listed. Take a look at the list on the infographic, do you know all the names on that list? Are you surprised by some? It’s why you chose those celebrities that is particularly interesting though. There are three broad reasons why you find people inspiring:

  1. skills and career
  2. qualities and attributes
  3. social or political engagement

You admire people for the amazing skills or the talents that they have: award-winning actor, champion beatboxer. You also chose celebrities who share your passions or pursue a career that you aspire to: the model, the journalist, the footballer, the equestrian whose achievements inspire you to also become a model, a journalist, a footballer, or an equestrian. Of course, you find many of those celebrities to be fun and beautiful, but you also value their other qualities: they are smart, witty, humorous, responsible, positive, they have integrity. Intelligence, confidence and resilience appear to be the ultimate attributes that make the difference between someone you like and someone you actually admire. You are inspired by the confidence of those who ‘know what they want to do with their life’, who ‘speak their mind’, and you like how ‘strong’ they are, how they are able to ‘brush off hatred and criticism’ and ‘don’t let anybody bring them down’. You picked those celebrities because they stand up for themselves.

But are they role models for you? Some of the names that you listed may be controversial to some, does it matter? Can you admire someone for one thing yet not approve of another thing they say or do? Or can a controversy cast a shadow over everything a person does?

What do you look for in a role model?

And there is another thing: more than just those strengths, talents and skills, something else really matters to you, and that is how celebrities use their skills, status, fame, wealth or other attributes to advocate for the causes they believe in, for the ‘betterment of society’. You find their social and political engagement especially inspiring and you picked people who ‘make a change in the world’, ‘stand up for rights’, ‘fight for the truth’. The causes they defend and their contribution to the community and those in need is something that really appeals to you. Is this because of their attitude or because you support the same causes?

Do you aspire to make a difference too?

May be the next step is right there for you to make. By joining our community and sharing your experiences and opinions about your rights, you actively participate and make yourself heard. Keep going, complete your next mission or leave a comment on this post!


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