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May 2016


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We consume news everyday, sometimes without even realising that we’re doing it. With more and more news sites online, we now have the world’s news at our fingertips. Our friends and family can share a news update on Facebook and Twitter and suddenly news that you wouldn’t generally see is filtered throughout our social networks.

In Operation 7: News we explore how you consume news through four missions.

Mission 1: Sources – asks where and how you consume news, in a survey.
Mission 2: Sketching – asks you to get creative and show us how you feel about your right to information.
Mission 3: Compare – asks you to complete a survey on the comparison between online news and other forms of news.
Mission 4: Reflection – asks you about the way people are portrayed on the internet and how it affects you.

What do you classify as news and how do you consume it?

Shhh!!! It’s a Secret

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How important is your privacy?Privacy_pic

The number of young people on the internet is increasing every day. When you go online, you will likely share pictures and details about yourself. So what do you think about privacy?



Private or public?

What do you think should be private? You wouldn’t put your bank details online, but what about your address? For example, Facebook’s location feature can pinpoint your exact address if you ‘check in’ when you’re at home. Do you check what apps have location services activated when you use them? How do you make decisions on what you keep private and what you make public?

On the other hand you should be able to choose what you want to share without fear of judgement. A lot of times we hear about adults’ ideas of what privacy should be but you might think differently. You may decide that you have nothing to hide and that you are more than happy to share specific details about your life.

Privacy is an important factor in every aspect of life, but the idea of what we keep private is different depending on who you are. Sometimes what we keep private in real life is not what we keep private online.

In Operation 6: Privacy we explore the meaning of privacy in the digital world through 3 missions.

Mission 1: Article 16 – asks you to complete a survey about the meaning of privacy and how that relates to what is written in the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Mission 2: Manage – asks how you manage your privacy online.

Mission 3: Perspectives – looks at how the meaning of privacy might be different across generations. So, is it all public until you make it private, or is it all private until you make it public? Interview a trusted adult about what privacy means to them and compare with your own answers.

When you go online, what do you keep private and what do you share?