Technology use by Agents

By June 30, 2016Debrief

We asked you about how you use technology – what devices you use, when you use them, and how often you go online.

Your answers showed us that most of you use technology in the afternoon or evening after you get home from school or work and that you spend on average about 5-7 hours online a day. Smart-phones are the most popular device, followed by televisions, and tied for third place are tablets and laptops. Most of you do something online about 20-50 times a day, and some agents go online even more often! This is not surprising, given how easy smartphones make it to check your social media, search google or instant message. According to one agent, “It’s a thing, checking messages doesn’t have a set time, it’s literally whenever”. But of course we realise that this might not represent all of our agents and there will be differences around the globe – tell us in a comment if technology use looks different where you are.





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