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By June 16, 2016Operations

** We’ve had some exciting news from the International Telecommunication Union! **

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is the United Nations specialised agency for information and communication technologies. They are important decision makers and today they want to hear from YOU. The ITU has asked RErights to report on young people’s thoughts about online behaviours that are not very nice and what to do about them.

Unkind behaviours online have always been a concern and now with the increased use of digital technology these behaviours have become a worldwide issue. They are not simply about receiving harassing messages but can take many forms like trolling or cyberstalking and can happen across many different platforms.

In Operation 8: Uncool we explore the issue of unkind behaviours online through four missions.
Mission 1: Unkind – asks you to consider scenarios with not so good stuff happening, what your interpretation is and how you would respond to those situations.
Mission 2: Mean-ing – asks how you would define cyberbullying.
Mission 3: Support – asks you to research what support options are available in your country.
Mission 4: Response – asks you to indicate what role different people could play in reducing cyberbullying or supporting the victims.

Your answers to Operation 8 are the best guide to better understanding unkind behaviours online that young people have ever written. This is a #VeryImportantOperation and we count on you Agents to lead the conversation.

Over to you!


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