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January 2017

We have a quick question for you

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In our busy lives, we don’t always have time to sit down and think about complex dilemmas, let alone write down long answers, even if the topic is fascinating!

We get that, that’s cool.
For proof, we’re just going to ask you one quick question:
is it important to learn how to code?

Our latest Mission is a quick poll. Answer NOW so you can move on to whatever it is you need to do next!


How cool is school when it comes to technology?

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Time to tell the truth… How cool is school when it comes to technology?
The latest RErights Operation is about EDUCATION and it is the most exciting one to date!

What do you learn with technology?
What do you want to know about technology?
What’s it like at school today? And, best of all, what will school look like tomorrow?

Mission 1: Learning – looks at informal education and the things you learn outside school.
Mission 2: ClassTech – is a survey about the technology available at school and what aspects of technology you are taught.
Mission 3: Goal – looks at the goals of education as defined in the Convention, and how technology helps better achieve those goals (or sometimes gets in the way?).
Mission 4: Tomorrow – asks you to describe the school of the future and the role technology might play.

What do YOU think about school, technology and your education? Go on, don’t be shy!
Complete Operation Education now.