Online Self vs Real Self

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We all like to think we know exactly who we are and what we would do in any given situation. The thought is that we would stay true to ourselves. Well that’s the idea, right?

When we create a social media account we are immediately asked the basic question; who are you? And we willingly oblige by giving our name, date of birth and where we live. These things make up the exterior layer of who we are. Then the more personal questions start: What do you like? And who do you like? And with a sample of these answers we are given suggestions on what we should like. What that is really saying is: this is who we think you are.

Today’s generation is bombarded with information telling them what they should be like, fitting them into a box. So we begin to form this idea of our identity based on what a computer tells us. It’s no wonder that our self has been split in two: we now have our real self and our online self.

Our online self begins to become a representation of our best attributes; we are able to create an ideal identity.

When we create this idealistic persona online do we lose ourselves in the process? There is a blurred line when it comes to online vs reality and the question raised is do we lose ourselves and at what cost? Or is our online self just a better representation of who we are?

What do you think?