2. Technology in my community 2. Technology in my community

2. Technology in my community

What digital technologies do you come across or use in your day-to-day life? Where and how often do you use digital technology? Your next mission is to draw a map of all the different places that make up the community you live in, like your house, your school, the local shops or the market. Then we want you to show us all the places you use in your everyday life. You can choose to complete this activity on your own, or you can team up with other members of your family to make this map.

This mission will take you about 30-40 minutes, depending on how quickly you work and how much time you spend colouring in!

Before you start, you will need to find the following things so you can complete the activity:

  1. A large blank piece of paper (If you don’t have a large piece of paper, you might want to stick several sheets of paper together)
  2. Coloured crayons, pencils or felt tip pens
  3. A device (like a mobile phone) so you can take a photo of your artwork and upload it below

First of all, decide if you want to go solo for this one or find a team and work together (you might invite your brothers and sisters or your parents to help you). Either way, when you or your team are ready, follow the instructions below.