Over 25 years ago, people at the United Nations started thinking about whether children needed different rights from adults – so they (a bunch of adults) made a list, which they called the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Today of course your rights are protected and promoted by a range of local, national and international bodies.

We’re interested in finding out how young people now might want to ‘rewrite their rights’. We’re especially curious about how YOU might want to rewrite your rights now that digital technology has become so important globally. We think it’s important, not just for the UN, but for local, national and international organisations everywhere that are thinking about young people’s rights today.

Here are some links to the Convention in different languages. Some of them are written in simpler language to make it easier for younger readers to understand.

  • The Convention – official version
  • English , French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Arabic, Russian
  • The Convention – simpler version
  • English , French, German, Italian, Ukrainian
  • The Convention – simplified version, UNICEF poster
  • English
  • Do you think the adults got it right when they wrote the Convention? Or not? What would you change? What would you add for the digital age? What would YOUR list of rights look like?

    At RErights.org we want to help make sure your rights as young people are thought about properly, that your voice is heard, and that you have a say when things like the Convention are created.