What’s in an Operation?

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photo from workshopWhen you sign up to RErights.org, you’re not just signing up to a website – you’re signing up to a community. Just like in every community, it’s important to get to know who you are, what you are interested in and what you think.

The first operation, Let’s Go, includes three missions. These missions have been designed like a profile where we ask you to tell us about your life.

Mission 1: Profile – asks you about how you see yourself.
Mission 2: Location – asks you about where you are.
Mission 3: Here and There – asks you to get creative in how you tell us about your location.

The second operation, Discovery, is about discovering what rights mean to you and what rights are important to you.

Mission 1: Define – will get you to really think about what the word ‘rights’ means and how you would define it.
Mission 2: DigiRights – asks you what you think are the three most important rights in the digital age.
Mission 3: Generation – asks you to flip the attention away from you and on to an adult. You are asked to interview an adult that you trust about children’s rights.

These are your first two operations should you choose to accept them.