What is RErights?

Meet the Team

Amanda Third

Associate Professor Amanda Third – commonly known as ‘A3’ – is the Principal Research Fellow in Digital, Social and Cultural Research at Western Sydney University’s Institute for Culture and Society (ICS). When not taking three phone calls at once or catching a flight to the UN in Geneva, she researches and writes about how young people use technology.



Delphine Bellerose

Delphine is a Research Assistant at the ICS, with a background in social policies management. Her experience includes working on national health information systems, analysing alcohol and drug treatments in Ireland, and researching cyber safety and people’s experiences with telecommunications providers. Plus she is French!



Lauren David

Lauren is a Bachelor of Communication graduate from Western Sydney University. Her studies in Public Relations gave her the chance to work on the RErights project. As well as her official title of ‘Communication and Social Media Intern’, Lauren has proudly accepted her unofficial title of ‘No. 1 token young person’.




Emma Keltie

Dr Emma Keltie is a Research Officer at the ICS, as well as the ‘Engaging Creativity’ Project Manager for the Young and Well CRC. She has researched participatory online culture and digital storytelling, and made many short films. Most spectacular is her expert knowledge of martial arts, and her secret (actually, not any more) Kung Fu Master status.



Lilly Moody

Lilly is a Research Assistant with the Young and Well CRC’s ‘Engaging Creativity’ project. Rather impressively, she has a Master of Human Rights and Democratisation from Sydney University and Kathmandu School of Law. She has worked with Amnesty International and the Settlement Council of Australia, and co-founded the non-profit, Elemental Education, to help young people build their creative and social potential.



Kari Pihl

Kari is a Research Assistant at the ICS, and is also studying psychology. As well as the RErights project, she is working on the Young and Well CRC’s ‘Making Connections’ project, studying the information and communication needs of young people experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Both projects aim to combine creativity and technology to help include more young people in community decision making.



Katrina Sandbach

Katrina is a designer and academic at Western Sydney University. She is the resident infographics designer on RErights. Amongst her many accomplishments she now coordinates the University’s ‘Rabbit Hole’ teaching studio. When she’s not spending time with her family (pets included), she’s secretly working on her next crochet masterpiece.